Tarun Tejpal and Tehelka

Tarun Tejpal is a true patriot and I think Indian media needs to be bold like Tehelka. We have one of the highest publications in the world and yet the politicians have free rein to do and say what they feel like and without facts. Fundamentalist organisations like RSS and Bajrang Dal are made up of rogue elements or at least that’s the impression they leave. They are always busy spreading false propaganda about other religions, thus, creating an environment of distrust and fear. If they talk about real nationalism and have an agenda for development may be people irrespective of their religion will join them. However, their motive seems to be to entice people to hate people of non-Hindu religion. They misconstrue ‘Hindutva’ according to their needs and it’s this misinterpreted ‘Hindutva’ that they fight for and not united India.

Therefore organisations which marginalize sections of society should not be taken seriously as nation builders. A stable nation can only be built on the basis of trust, respect and tolerance. If these people spew venom all the time about other religions, sooner or later India will disintegrate. In such circumstances the work done by Mr. Tejpal is praiseworthy to say the least. So I thank Mr. Tejpal for his courage, conviction and integrity. As he says, when all the machinery of NDA government was after him why couldn’t it prove anything against him? I think some people who thrive on spreading false propaganda, just can’t digest the hard facts.

It is time for us to take religion out of politics if we want to be a true democratic country. Let’s not blindly follow any party because they say what we like to hear. It is time we open our eyes before it is loo late. Blind hatred will take us back to Stone Age. It takes more courage to reconcile and build a united community than to belittle someone.

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