Lokpal Bill Draft - Government vs. Anna Hazare's team - Who is right?

Anna Hazare may have the best intention, but the method employed by his team while having the dialogue with the government is not right. If Anna Hazare is committed to the Lokpal Bill and corruption, the best way to approach that is to engage in a dialogue. In a democratic set up two reasonable people can have two different viewpoints. But arguing that whatever they propose has to be accepted by the government is not in the best interest of our country.

Anna Hazare may have thousands of supporters but there are thousand other who think that the approach taken by the government is correct. The government has never said that they are against the Lokpal bill or for that matter they support corruption. They have gone ahead and engaged the civil society in an unprecedented manner and have started talking to them. At the outset Government of India seems committed to the Lokpal bill. So instead of appreciating the right steps taken by the government, one can't just go and start attacking the government for everything and anything without any rhyme or reason.

The whole world knows how corrupt Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka governments are. Though Mayawati didn't allow the fast and protest to hold in Uttar Pradesh, it is not receiving enough media coverage that UPA government is getting for engaging the civil society.

Yes, UPA government may have done some mistakes, but at least they have engaged the people and repeatedly saying that they are committed to the Lokpal bill.? So instead of attending the meeting to draft the Lokpal bill, Anna Hazare resorted to politics by not attending the meeting. Instead of debating the issue with the government, Anna resorted to street politics. The actions taken by Anna Hazare raises suspicion that he may not be serious at all to fight the corruption but more interested in tarnishing the image of the government.  His actions seems purely political.

Media has given too much importance to Anna Hazare without thinking through the details of the Lokpal bill. If the media do its job right and create right awareness among the people rather than sensationalizing the stories, then we don't need any Anna Hazare. Elected representatives need to attend the parliament and debate issues. So next time when an opposition party boycotts the parliament it should be held responsible for not doing the job for why they are elected at the first placve. Are they elected to fight in the street? or dance in the street ? Media should highlight the motives of every political leader or party and make the leaders accountable on the issues and actions they are taking.

A question to those thousands who attended Anna Hazare's protest - Do they even have read the features of the Lok Pal bill and its motives as proposed by the government?  One can't just blindly follow some Anna because he is fasting. When the government is taking the steps, engaging people through debate, shouldn't we all let it do a job why they have been elected for ?

Last updated: June 9, 2011

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