Cabinet Reshuffle - the hype and craziness for frequent reshuffles should stop.

It is amazing to see the hype and craziness surrounding the cabinet reshuffle of the Union Government recently. The TV debates and editorials carried some sort of euphoria that how expansive the cabinet reshuffle should be, should it include younger leaders, who will be axed, who will be retained, etc, etc.

The cabinet should be efficient. Ministries should be judged based on performance and not by age. Efficient ministers should be given cabinet profile portfolios. If we are to be serious about the governance, ministers should be allowed to do their job and let the prime minister of India evaluate their performance.

Media should also be more serious when they attack some ministers or ministries. For one issue, one can't call a ministry to be an inefficient or mount the pressure on PM to drop the minister. A checklist and framework needs to be created over a period of time to monitor the performance which can be helped to monitor the metrics of performance of all the ministries.

May be younger ministers will do a better job, but there is no reason why older ministers can't to a better job.

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